New Patient?

We are excited that you have chosen SF Bay Pediatrics for your child’s medical care. Your child’s well being is our priority. Please remember to arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete forms. You may also fill out the new patient forms and bring them to your appointment. Take a moment to meet our providers!

Before you become a New Patient

  • Do we accept your child’s insurance? Select here to find a full list of the insurance companies we accept or call the office to consult with our billing department.
  • Have you selected one of our providers as the primary care physician (PCP) on your HMO plan?
  • If needed, please call the number on the back of your insurance card to check your PCP is assigned and in network.

What to bring to your first visit

  • Current Insurance Card.
  • Updated immunization record.
  • Newborn discharge summary and any testing done at the hospital (for newborn visits only).
  • School forms you need filled out.
  • Any pertinent information (example: if your child has a diagnosis we should be aware of, please bring documentation).
  • Completed and printed Patient Information Sheet. If you do not have access to a printer, then you can complete this form when you arrive early to the appointment.
  • Completed and printed Medical Release Form (if transferring from another office).


Congratulations! Below are some things to consider when choosing a medical home for your newborn.
  • Please read Are we a good fit for you? Excellent care happens when the physicians and office staff are aligned with your family priorities and philosophies regarding medical care (i.e. vaccines, use of antibiotics, office hours, etc). 
  • Check to see if we are a participating provider under your insurance. Click here for a list of insurances that we accept.
  • Call our office as soon as possible once you have decided to enroll with us. You will be asked to provide insurance information for BOTH parents, regardless of marital status, and regardless of which parent’s plan the baby will be added to.
  • It is important that we hear from you before baby is born to make sure that there are no potential insurance issues.
During this initial call, our staff will ask you for some other information about your baby’s upcoming birth, and answer any questions you may have about our practice. At this time, if you'd like, you can schedule an appointment for a prenatal visit, where you can meet with one of our doctors, have your questions about the practice answered, and get a feel for the office.

However, a prenatal visit is NOT required to enroll with us. Once you have enrolled with us, inform your obstetrician that you have selected a specific pediatrician at SF Bay Pediatrics for your baby's pediatric care. You will also need to give that same pediatrician's name when you register at the hospital for your delivery.

If you deliver at California Pacific Medical Center, the hospital will contact us and one of our physicians will see your baby in the hospital, usually on the morning following your baby's birth. If you deliver at another hospital, the hospital's staff pediatrician will see your baby and then direct you to call our office and schedule an appointment upon discharge.

New babies may need to be seen in our office within a few days of discharge – the physician will let you know. Please make sure before you leave the hospital that you request that your baby's records be sent to SF Bay Pediatrics, and complete any necessary paperwork to make sure this happens.

Important note for parents:

It is extremely important that you add your new baby to your health insurance policy once your baby is born. Most insurance plans have a 30 day grace period for newborns to be added. Once the grace period has expired, if the baby has not been added, the parent will be responsible for charges incurred. Please remember to bring your insurance card, copay, and completed patient forms (found under office forms) to your first visit.

We are a group of Board Certified Pediatricians who are dedicated to the care and well-being of children.